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Tony Curtis Las Vegas home

Tony Curtis is a very nice man and has been a good friend of mine. I went out with him for about 2 years. I was at a restaurant in Hollywood called Nicky Blair's and Tony couldn't take his eyes off of me. He was sitting across the restaurant having dinner with his son.  The next day I sent him a letter and said I was a fan and loved his artwork. Tony called me when he received my letter and asked me out. Below is a photo I included in my letter. I'd have to say since driving around celebrity homes since 1975 I've met the nicest celebrities. They would even invite me in their home. Every trip I would meet someone and have a great experience.
A letter from Tony Curtis
A sketching from Tony Curtis
Artwork from Tony Curtis
Photos from Tony Curtis
Artwork from Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis signed and drew a car on my artwork.
When we were seeing each other I was driving a Transam and that's what he drew.
Restaurant Tour
By Debbie Burton-Phillips
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Old Man Rockin to Music in Las Vegas